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What is the Pipe Monster?


Okay! Who or what is this little guy we named “Pipe Monster”?
The Pipe Monster character will be our new mascot, you’ve probably seen him already, and we actually named our company after him. The real life “Pipe Monster” is really actually a new water distribution device called a Manabloc made by the excellent Viega Company. Here at Pipe Monster Plumbing LLC we are always researching how we can serve our customers in a way that can make the most positive, helpful impact at home. That being said, let us take you on a ride to the past.
Have you ever considered how many older homes there are in every city throughout our great United States? Yep! There are millions and most of these wonderful homes have older plumbing systems that are in a state of failure.
Through the early 1900′s, all the way to the 1950′s, galvanized water pipe was the plumbing water distribution system of choice. Back then it was the “cat’s meow”! Wow! A system that brought clean pressurized water directly to a plumbing fixture, faucet or valve. Back then it was a big blessing to have indoor plumbing. Isn’t it amazing though, how technology over time can enhance a really great thing like threaded galvanized water pipe, and make it even better.
Around the 1950′s copper pipe was introduced and it was the plumbing talk of the town. Yes, it was far superior to galvanized. It was lighter, more resistant to corrosion, easier to install, and less restrictive. Eventually, almost every new home would have a copper water supply at the heart of it’s plumbing system. Copper seemed like the undisputed water pipe distribution champion that would never be defeated.
But, as things go in the world of economics, copper prices were rising and becoming a burden to overall construction cost. The huge copper market was becoming more and more volatile. Prices were ever increasing and the world of science began it’s amazing confirmation of the old phrase, “necessity is the mother of invention”. Yes, it was becoming necessary to find a way to replace the copper champion, and the world of plastics would be the eventual contender.
Today, the latest and greatest pipe of choice is called PEX. We won’t go into the absurdly long scientific name, but let’s just say it is “The Bees Knees”! PEX tubing is made from crosslinked HDPE (high density polyethylene) polymer. It is melted and continuously extruded into tube. The crosslinking process provides incredible strength and as a result PEX provides several advantages over metal pipes or rigid plastic pipe (PVC, CPVC, ABS). It is flexible, resistant to scale and chlorine, doesn’t corrode or develop pinholes, is faster to install than metal or rigid plastic, and it requires fewer connections and fittings.
So, all this being said, what does this have to do with the little guy you see popping up within our website? Picture, in your mind, your home electrical panel box. Now, if you will, envision a water pipe supply panel very similar to your electrical panel box, but instead of electric breaker switches, you have valves. This mental picture may give you an idea of what “The Pipe Monster” is all about. Yes, you’re right, his arms are the pipes and his body is the manifold “box”. Oh, and the little round circles are the valves. You should know this about the “Pipe Monster”. You must be careful! Pipe monster is a very determined and feisty creature. He hates old rotten pipes, and you never know what he may do to get rid of them!
We will be revealing more of his story very soon. Stay tuned. ...... PS you can view videos of a Pipe Monster install, just check out the links below!

Author: James Altvater - Master Plumber - Pipe Monster Plumbing LLC


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