Rely on us for drain cleaning services in Holland, MI

Clogged drains in your home can become a gross nightmare. When you have a slow or clogged floor drain, toilet, sink, bathtub, shower, or the whole house, let the experts at Pipe Monster Plumbing ease your mind with our drain cleaning services in the Holland, MI area. We use state of the art technology to clear your clogs and clean your drains. This includes a visual inspection on the drain piping interior using advanced camera systems, whenever possible

What types of clogs can we break down?

Our clogged drain repair experts can help clear any buildup that's collected in your home's drains.

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This can include:


Tree Roots



Broken Pipes

No matter how long your clog has been there, it's no match for our state-of-the-art draining equipment. Drains will back up again. Especially with aggressive roots. For some people regular cleaning is necessary. Contact us today to arrange for drain cleaning services. You'll soon be able to use your drains again without worrying about them backing up again.