Aging Demographic Info, Risks/Costs

Bathrooms present a unique risk to the concentration of hard porcelain surfaces, tile floors and obstacles requiring navigation. Most falls resulting in injuries in the bathroom take place in and around slippery old bathtubs with high sides and toilets that are too low for safe usage. The solution to mitigate this problem is to make your bathroom more user friendly. Taller toilets can be installed with adjacent grab bars to aide in sitting and standing during usage. Old bathtubs that require stepping in and out can be replaced with low threshold showers with flat floors that grip the foot even when wet. Grab bars can also be installed to aid showering and even a sleek, attractive looking bench. Needless to say we at Pipe Monster Plumbing are passionate about this issue. For good reason! The health, independence, and safety of our older customers is always top priority. This passion is evident in our tub and shower replacement service. We have spent years perfecting a process to easily replace your tired, old, and potentially dangerous bathtub with a brand new safe and attractive, low threshold shower. In addition, we can do this fully finished product in as little as 2 days! The price is affordable (Much more than medical bills and nursing homes).As we age we cannot afford to forgo prioritizing our safety and health. Our service will help you maintain your financial, physical, and mental well-being and independence for years to come! Pipe Monster Plumbing provides the only convenient, high quality solution to old, slippery and dangerous tubs and showers, without breaking the bank. We have helped many customers in your area and are looking to help you maintain your health and independence with a new shower system. For a limited time we are offering a free ADA comfort height Gerber viper toilet or $500.00 off to the first 50 customers who purchase with us. All estimates are free and as always you will receive the top quality service we have become known for. Take a big step towards maintaining your physical, financial, and mental independence and call us today to schedule an estimate or visit us online and check out all our great reviews. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Features & Benefits

Service Features:

  • Low threshold, grab bars, and a grippy solid base
  • Unmatched value
  • Attractive aesthetics
  • Same footprint as standard bathtub
  • Su casa, Mi casa guarantee!

What it means for you:
  • Increases safety. Reduces risk of slips resulting in Injury.Reduced risk of financial strain.
  • Reduced risk of loss of independence
  • Bath-in-a-day services are expensive(we've seen as high as $16,000) Custom showers are much higher. Pipe Monsters service starts at less than half of that
  • Clean, white, Vikrell® finish with multiple style options available, means your bathroom will look better
  • Convenient installation. Able to be easily installed in most homes without re-framing or largely invasive remodeling. This also means most installations only take 2 days!
  • We always use drop cloths and booties when working in our customers' homes. We always clean thoroughly before we leave. We treat the customers' home like our own

Why they use Sterling, and featured units

The showers we use and why we use them.What to expect from your Sterling shower system.Reliable, dependable and built to last, STERLING® products are manufactured from durable materials such as timeless stainless steel and smooth, easy-to-clean Vikrell®. Solid Vikrell material by Sterling makes bathing and showering fixtures strong, durable, lightweight and a breeze to install.Solid "Vikrell" material offers exceptional strength combined with resistance to chipping, cracking and peeling. Vikrell® is a solid composite material made of resins, fiberglass and filler that is exclusive to Kohler Company, and is sold by their Sterling Plumbing Products division.

What to expect when Pipe Monster Plumbing installs your new Sterling shower.

Step 1: (Crossing T's and dotting i's)

  • We work with you to find the perfect design for your unique needs.
  • We measure the space of the existing tub/shower in your bathroom to ensure perfect fit.
  • We present you with a variety of options and answer any questions regarding the quote or process.

Step 2: (Lets get this party started!)
  • After you have made your selection we schedule the service. The installation of the unit typically takes 2 days and requires us to shut off your water for a brief period of time.

Step 3: (Day 1, out with the old...)
  • Upon arrival, we will prepare the workspace and path in and out of your home by placing protective drop clothes and plastic barriers.
  • We will then remove the existing tub/shower and the surround, and dispose of it for you.

Step 4: (...In with the new!)
  • We will then prep the plumbing and exposed floor and wall structure for a smooth installation. (This is when we will be shutting off your water. Don't worry! We will give you a heads up!).
  • A mortar mix will be used to ensure the new shower base is stable and level.
  • The new Sterling shower base will be installed, along with the wall panels and shower valve trim.If grab bars have been selected they typically will also be installed at this time.
  • We will then thoroughly clean the workspace before departing.

Step 5: (Day 2,the finishing touches)
  • We will begin by again placing protective drop cloths.
  • We will then cut and place trim around the unit if specified in step 1.
  • This is also the stage when shower doors will be installed if requested.
  • Any necessary caulking or water sealing will be done at this time.
  • Finally we will inspect all aspects of the installation, and answer any questions you may have regarding your new shower!
  • Again we will clean the work area before departure. It's really that simple! One more thing...If drywall repair is preferred or required there maybe a few day waiting period, but have no fear! You can still use your shower before the drywall is repaired.

Pipe Monster replaced a one piece shower/tub combo with a shower designed with easier access for my elderly parents. We are very pleased with the work they performed. They completed the work promptly and the work they performed was very professional. We would use them again and would recommend them for anyone with plumbing needs"


Just completed the second remodel project in our home w/Pipe Monster Plumbing. First was a tub/shower replacement with a walk-in shower in one of the bathrooms. Very efficient and knowledgeable- as well as being very conscious of keeping dust and dirt to a minimum while they worked.